A SPARK OF RECOGNITION An immersive continuous film ISIA Urbino / Werkplaats Typografie summer school / 2016 Racing, flying, sometimes stumbling through the streets of the old town of Urbino, Italy, the viewer is looking for a place to find home. But during this journey one finds out that home is not a fixed end-point. It’s not about finding home and deciding to set up camp there. It is rather a process in which we find pieces of ourselves back in something or someone else. A spark of recognition is how I would define home. The video is a continuous loop, passing by the same place over and over again, sparking this sense of recognition.
The project can best be experienced through a VR-glass like box (with a wink to new digital techniques). In this way, the viewer can forget where he is for a moment, and let his mind fly through Urbino.