LOVE, GEIST Packaged treat and experience concept Commissioned by Bo Bech of restaurant Geist, Copenhagen / 2017
Sensory Message is an edible love letter you receive after a night spend at Geist. That, instead of describing the beauty and magic of ones beloved in words, seduces with a vocabulary of scent and aroma. It’s a series of edible papers, in the Geist matching flavours ginger saffron, yuzu hibiscus, dark chocolate chilli and matcha coconut. When putting the paper in your mouth, it slowly dissolves on the tongue. Leaving a trace of a taste, that like a kiss, lasts until even after you’ve said goodbye.
2.0, A Taste of Geist is a concept for a special event at Geist, that bridges classical dating with algorithm based matchmaking. After making some swipes on Tinder, the app decides which of your matches actually fits you the best, based on accumulated data. Tinder will then invite you and your best match for a night at a special event of Geist, to enable the space for a more honest connection to develop. When you enter the event, you and your date both receive ‘A taste of Geist’, a smaller edible paper. Sharing this experience is the start of a new connection, symbolising the date to start with a kiss.