SMOGSHARE Speculative concept for public intervention Collaborative project with Tatjana Petschl / 2017
SmogShare is an urban intervention that redistributes smog from one place in the world to another. Since the iPhone, a product we all use daily, creates about 80 kg’s of CO2 for production alone, it is a representative of industries that create a large amount of air pollution in Asia. And although we share these products that are made for sharing, we don’t equally carry the weight of it’s environmental impact.
The installation detects the amount of phones in it’s proximity. It does so by sending out an Eindhoven free Wi-Fi signal and by counting everyone that’s logged on to it. As the number of phones increases, the square gets filled with smog. At the same time, it’s counter piece filters the air in a town in China, relieving a public square of it’s smog. That way, the smog cycle is complete. By bringing close what’s seems to be far away and making tangible what seems to be foggy, smog share makes us experience a connection that we would otherwise fail to notice.